Do you suffer from pain?


Sweet Spots for Self-Care

3-part video series for neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain

Carly Penfold shares how to relieve upper body pain and discomfort with her top acupressure points for neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists.

Healing at your fingertips! These non-invasive techniques are easy to do, take only a couple of minutes each day, and have worked for hundreds of Carly's clients.

Take charge of your health and gain the tools you need for self-care at home.


  • BONUS Pain Relief Guidebook for easy location
  • Chakra Balance with Singing Bowls video to clear negative energies, bring in positive vibes, and increase clarity and focus.

Focus on the physical AND energetic bodies for maximum healing!

Here's what people are saying...

'My sleep app said I got 100% sleep last night after doing the points. That's a first!' Erin K.

'The fingers laced process is a great stretch!' Arlana T.

Watch Part 1: Neck and Shoulders

Part 1, Neck and Shoulders
21:06 singing bowl meditation, throat chakra
29:10 neck pain relieving acupressure points
43:01 shoulder pain relieving acupressure points
46:26 healing bath recipe
55:20 'Pain Relief Breakthrough' free session, limited availability, book with Carly

Here's what people are saying...

'Feeling less tension in the neck now.' Erin K.

'Better thanks ;)' Arlana T.

Watch Part 2: Elbows

Part 2, Elbows

12:56 Importance of ingredients
28:54 singing bowl meditation, 3rd eye
36:27 elbow meridian point LI11
41:28 elbow meridian point LI4
45:15 forearm massage
Watch Part 3: Wrists

Part 3, Wrists

18:30 singing bowl meditation, crown chakra 

23:34 Wrist acupressure chart

39:00 elbow to hand massage

41:29 neck to hand massage